Sunday, October 30, 2011

Update #6 - Fall 2011 Update - An October Snowstorm...

It's the end of October. Normally, there would be a chill in the air. Yesterday, there was snow in the air; lot's of it along the I-95 corridor from Washington through the New York metro area and up into New England. Fair Lawn received 5 inches of heavy, wet snow, which clung to the trees that still had most of the leaves on them, resulting in widespread tree damage and power failures. On our property, one tree was heavily damaged with two major limbs sheared off, and several other trees had lesser damage.

I am happy to tell you that my etrog saplings survived the storm in the warmth and safety of our home. I am planting additional saplings from this year's etrog, so I have a nice variety of saplings ranging from a few inches tall to one that is almost three feet tall. (see attached picture)

I have one very nice etrog plant in my office that is about a foot tall, doing very well under a plant light I set up.

Keep those cards and letters coming folks.

Next update - hope for one early winter.


  1. Dear Daddy
    Wow!! It's really growing. I can't wait for the winter update.
    Love :)

  2. Hi.
    I also have a few esrog plants here in Lakewood, NJ.
    Was wondering if we can share information on this.
    Lakewood NJ

  3. Hi Michael! We love hearing about special stories such like this! The Israel Forever Foundation would love to hear more from you! We launched,Plant Israel At Home™ so that people all over the world could have their own piece of Israel in their home, garden, school, anywhere! We are selling Israeli Dorbanit wildflower seeds so that everyone can grow their love for Israel wherever they may be in the world. We would love to hear more from you!

  4. I have been growing 4 esrog plants in planters for 2 1/2 years and about a month ago 1 of the plants started to flower and now I actually have esrogs growing! I live in bergen county NJ!